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Puy de Dme


Nattitude Auvergne


Maniphet and Marc LECOUTRE invite you to discover the
«Bâtisse Dorée»

It’s the lovely month of May…
With spring coming back, we are happy to welcome you for the long weekends of May or June, where it will be good to bask in the sun after a beautiful day of hiking, or relax in the hot and bubbling spa while thinking to the dinner in the restaurant of a small village around there.
Unless you prefer to meditate on the form of the clouds and their meaning before you plunge back into your favorite novel?

It is in this charming town of Vic le Comte that we decided to settle down in order to create two guest rooms.

Vic le Comte The hosts

The house located in the heart of the city is full of character with its wood structure and its golden arkose stones, contrasting with the gray stone of Volvic, so characteristic of the Puy-de-Dôme. There is something like a good Feng Shui in this building where energy flows unimpeded, where wood and stone complement, where the openings are in light, where we live in harmony inside and outside. And outside, what is more beautiful than the view of the Comté Forest and the Puy Ecouyat.

The house and the garden

Door of the Guests Rooms The facade

To make this halt with us a memorable and relaxing stay, we thought to provide you with a spa, and with the opportunity to book an on-site care session, practiced by Maniphet as a an official physiotherapist (DE), graduated from the School of Vichy. Wine tastings are also available, accompanied with a professional wine specialist.

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